Birra Malto / Birra Tirana

About the Birra Malto Brewery

Birra Malto has quickly risen to become the largest brewery in Albania. The beer is named after the capital of Albania (Tirana), where the beers are brewed. Its market share is estimated at 30 percent of the Albanian market, and 60 percent of  the central districts of Tirana and Durës.

Birra Malto is the largest brewery in Albania, with their most popular product being “Birra Tirana”, which has been made since 1961. Between 1995-1997, a complete overhaul of the facilities was financed by the company’s net profit. The restructuring improved product quality and substantially increased its market share.

Birra Malto’s strategy is to maintain its position as a pacesetter in the domestic beer market. The
company has increased its advertising and promotion strategy over recent years, including regular print and television campaigns. “Birra Tirana” has also participated in a number of national and international fairs.

Birra Tirana



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