Shepherds Blonde




Crown cap


12oz / 24 bottle case









Birezit Brewery


Hand-crafted in small batches.

Tasting Notes

It has an original delicate flavor, sparkling golden color and a long lasting white head. It leaves a feeling of slowly fading bitterness. A taste sensation that leaves you eager for the next sip.

Food Pairings

BBQ, Grilled Chicken and Beef, Cheese Platter & Pasta Dishes

Explore Birzeit

In the heart of the central area of Palestine, lays the town of Birzeit, approximately 25 kilometers to the northwest of Jerusalem. 

At old times, Birzeit inhabitants were famous for the abundant production of olive oil that they used to store it in underground wells. Hence, Birzeit which translates to Well of Olive Oil, is believed to have earned its name from the nature of its ancient residents’ lives. In addition to olives, Birzeit is also famous for its prosperous vineyards. The farmers of Birzeit give so much love and care to their lands and thus they yearly harvest the finest grapes and olives in return.

Nowadays, Birzeit has over 7,000 residents that occupy diverse jobs and professions ranging from being farmers to holding decent office positions at national and international reputable institutions. Furthermore, traditional handicrafts – embroidery, glass, soap-making, mosaics, olive oil and honey – as well as modern industries, such as beer brewing; are also strong and being revived.

The Birzeit location is significantly important because it has long served and is still serving as a strategic gateway to the northern cities and villages of the Ramallah province. In addition to that, the historic centers of Birzeit and surrounding towns are living monuments of the great architectural history in the area. These monuments are dated back to the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, and are now being restored for modern use. 


About the Birzeit Brewery

Passion, Precision, and Perfection are the hallmarks of the premium quality beers from Birzeit. Hand Crafted to the exact standards of beer lovers. They only use the highest quality Malt, Noble hops, Yeast and pure Water to craft a range of well-balanced flavors for every pure taste. Brewed By Brothers For Friends

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